L*'s the wall

2011-04-01 19:03:41 by TheLuckyStars

It's coming.....

Just because we put [L*] in the movie title doesn't mean we're a spam group. We still submit legit movies.

So please stop changing the movie genre to spam. Thanks

L*'s the wall


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2011-04-02 23:33:24

What the hell is this establishment?


2011-05-15 18:22:34

huge fag above ^


2011-09-24 06:14:02

Hahaha. Even KK's movies are more legit that yours.
Meh, maybe you're just saying so like all the other spam groups.
Because that's what you are. A spam group. All your movies are spam.
And not in the good way. So stop lying. But i'm sure you will just laugh at me and continue spaming.


2011-09-24 06:17:08

So stop spaming!
At least make some good spam.


2011-09-24 20:06:47

Where's Minami Iwasaki?
She's my favorite.


2011-09-25 22:18:41

tuqueclock is a major fan of the KK you can tell.
I actually kind of like what you guys are doing, it reminds
me of my own style of spam.